Family Planning

We provide a comprehensive family planning service. We can insert and remove the Implanon implants for contraception. A comprehensive initial assessment is carried out
following which the most appropriate form of contraception is suggested. All forms of contraception, including the combined pill, the mini pill, barrier contraception and
sterilisation counselling are available according to individual preference and suitability for the woman involved.


The Menopause is the permanent cessation of menstruation. It can occur naturally or be due to specific treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy or when the ovaries are removed often at the time of hysterectomy.
The ovarian failure/removal results in low or rapidly reduced levels of hormones, most notably oestrogen, which triggers menopausal symptoms.

The Menopause itself is a retrospective diagnosis, hence it can be diagnosed officially twelve months after a woman’s last menstrual bleed. However, menopausal symptoms are often experienced in the “Peri-Menopausal” period, hence despite having their periods the fluctuating levels of oestrogen cause significant symptoms in many women.

The problems which arise include hot flushes, mood changes, joint pains, incontinence, painful sex caused by vaginal atrophy and memory changes to mention a few. Also Osteoporosis starts to become an issue for some women. After the menopause, there is a change in women’s metabolism causing their cholesterol to rise and therefore causing an increase in cardiovascular disease making heart attacks and stroke more of a possibility.
Don’t suffer in silence. Sometimes HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy may be the answer for you and there are other treatments and lifestyle changes which can help.


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