Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

E&S Doctors is committed to ensuring that the best possible service is provided to all patients. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to get a routine appointment with a GP, however, a patient that does not attend at a booked appointment would adversely impacts on other patients that desperately needs it.

Cancellation, changes or Missed Appointments Policy.

It would apply when the patient has not contacted the Practice in advance (5 working hours in advance) to cancel, change or where the cancellation is so late that it makes it impossible to allocate that time to another Patient who needs treatment.

Please bare in mind that this is time of your arrival, the time that the doctor see you may change depending of the volume of patient of the day. You need to come alone and be on time.

Avoid Becoming a DNA

We kindly ask that the patient provide a minimum of 5 working hours’ notice if cannot attend their appointment. This provides us with the opportunity to offer your appointment to another patient who may need to see a doctor more urgently.

ES Doctors reserve the right to charge a ‘Did Not Attend / Late Cancelation, change’ fee if the patient fails to notify us of any changes/cancelation of their appointment within the requested time.

‘Did Not Attend / Late Cancelation’ fee

Due to a high number of non-attendances and cancellations for GP / Consultant appointments, we are now requesting the appointments to be paid up front and €100 per consultant appointments. If the patient needs to cancel appt we kindly as to send us a WhatsApp or email with the request whiting the request time (a minimum of 5 working hours previous appt) and the fee will be refunded. If the patient fails to notify or miss the appt the fee is not refunded.

If you need to cancel an appointment you can do this in any one of the following ways:

Please send us your name, date of birth appt date and time to:
Text WhatsApp:

Email –

If you have any questions do not hesitated to contact us.

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