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March 24, 2022

Cervical or cervix cancer is a type of illness produced in the cells covering the cervix,
which is the inferior part of the uterus, where the fetus is formed and the vagina, which is the
conduct where the baby is borned. The cancer appears when these cells start growing
without any control. They do not become cancerous the moment they appear, instead they
start developing causing abnormal changes gradually. Generally, our own immune system is
capable of locating these precancerous cells and destroying them. However, in some
women, they are going to appear as real cancer.
Some sexually transmited diseases increase the chance of getting this type of
cancer, among many others, the most important ones are an infection or the human
papillomavirus, also known as HPV. These play a very important role in a woman’s body
determining whether or not they are going to be more prompt to develop this affliction. More
often than not, our own bodies are able to deal with it without these cells growing into
cancerous ones, but some other times, it might produce this illness. Regular check-ups with
your general practitioner and a vaccination to decrease the risk of these cancers from
appearing is usually the best way to deal with this issue.


El cáncer de cuello de útero, también conocido como cáncer cervical, es un tipo de
cáncer que se produce en las células que revisten el cuello uterino, que es la parte inferior
del útero, conocido como la matriz, conectando con la vagina. El cuello uterino une el
cuerpo del útero, que es la parte superior donde se forma el feto, con la vagina, siendo este
el canal por el que nace el bebé. El cáncer se produce cuando las células empiezan a
crecer sin control. En cambio, estas no se hacen cancerosas de forma repentina, sino que
se van desarrollando cambios anormales de forma gradual. En general, nuestro sistema
inmunitario tendrá la habilidad para localizar estas células precancerosas y destruirlas. Sin
embargo, en algunas mujeres, se volverán cánceres verdaderos.
Algunas enfermedades de transmisión sexual aumentan la probabilidad de que
aparezca como puede ser el virus del papiloma humano, también conocido como VPH. Las
cepas del virus del papiloma humano o una infección por transmisión sexual juegan papeles
fundamentales en la causa de esta enfermedad. En términos generales, cuando una mujer
se expone al virus del papiloma humano, el sistema inmunitario suele evitar que el virus
vaya a más, pero en algunos casos, puede llegar a sobrevivir varios años hasta que termina
convirtiéndose en células cancerosas.
Para reducir el riesgo de desarrollar cáncer cervical, las medidas de prevención más
eficaces son las pruebas constantes para detectarlo a tiempo e incluso una vacuna para
proteger contra la infección del virus del papiloma humano.



October 19, 2020

Today, due to the International Day against breast cancer, we want to remind you of some questions about this type of cancer. Breast cancer is a disease that forms on the breasts and it is most commonly diagnosed in women, although it can also occur in men. The number of deaths associated with breast cancer are declining due to important factors as earlier detection, personalized treatments and a better understanding of this disease.
This cancer develops when some breast cells begin to grow abnormally, which makes them to divide more rapidly than the healthy ones and, therefore, forming lumps. Researchers have identified some factors that may increaser your risk of having this disease like being a woman or a family history of breast cancer. Nevertheless, it is not known why some people without risk factors develop this cancer. From E&S Doctors, we want to recommend you to go immediately to the doctor if you find a lump in your breasts because it is one of the most common signs. You can also detect a change in size or shape of your breast, peeling or crusting in your skin; you can even have redness or pitting of the skin over your breast. Furthermore, we want to help fighting against breast cancer by giving some advice to women so they can help prevent the risk of developing it. That’s why, you have to talk to your doctor about breast cancer screening exams, do self-exams on your breasts and remember that you can come to our clinic if you need any more information. In E&S Doctors, we care about your health and we fight against breast cancer.



February 5, 2020

Cancer is a disease characterized by the development of abnormal cells, which destroy normal body tissue. Frequently, it spreads throughout the body and it is the second-leading cause of death in the world. Recently, this has improved thanks to cancer screening and a proper cancer treatment. Even if there is a slight idea about what are some risk factors, the majority of cancers occur in people who do not have any known risk factors. These are: age, habits like smoking or drinking, and family history.

Symptoms vary depending on what part of the body is affected. The most common signs are fatigue, lumps under skin, weight or skin changes, persistent cough, difficulty breathing or swallowing, hoarseness, indigestion, unexplained muscle pain, fevers or night sweats and unexplained bleeding. To prevent cancer, it is advisable stop smoking, avoid excessive sun exposure, exercising, drinking alcohol in moderation and schedule cancer screening exams.


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