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November 13, 2020

Diabetes is an illness concerning the glucose level in the blood being higher than normal. This means that the body cannot handle it properly and stops producing a hormone called insulin, that helps synthesize the glucose in the food to help giving energy to the body cells. There are two types, one is type 1 and the other is type 2.

Type 1 Diabetes is hereditary, but it can appear anywhere throughout anyone’s life. Type 2 in the other hand, is bound to different previous pathologies such as age, cholesterol, obesity, sedentary life, etc. In order to prevent the appearance of type 2 diabetes, it is advisable to have a well-balanced life. Eat healthy food, do some exercise and taking care of yourself in general are some of the recommendations to prevent diabetes.


La diabetes es una enfermedad en la que los niveles de glucosa en sangre, más comúnmente conocida como el azúcar, son más altos de lo normal. Esto se debe a que el cuerpo, deja de producir una hormona denominada insulina, que ayuda a sintetizar la glucosa de los alimentos que comemos y suministrársela a las células. Existen diferentes tipos: tipo 1 y tipo 2.

La diabetes tipo 1 suele ser hereditaria, aunque puede aparecer a lo largo de la vida. La de tipo 2 está asociada a otras patologías, como pueden ser la edad, obesidad, colesterol, etc. Para intentar prevenir la aparición de diabetes tipo 2, la mejor forma es mantener una vida equilibrada; comer sano, hacer ejercicio y cuidarse son los mejores remedios para prevenir la aparición de este tipo de enfermedad.


Mercedes Lara


October 19, 2020

Today, due to the International Day against breast cancer, we want to remind you of some questions about this type of cancer. Breast cancer is a disease that forms on the breasts and it is most commonly diagnosed in women, although it can also occur in men. The number of deaths associated with breast cancer are declining due to important factors as earlier detection, personalized treatments and a better understanding of this disease.
This cancer develops when some breast cells begin to grow abnormally, which makes them to divide more rapidly than the healthy ones and, therefore, forming lumps. Researchers have identified some factors that may increaser your risk of having this disease like being a woman or a family history of breast cancer. Nevertheless, it is not known why some people without risk factors develop this cancer. From E&S Doctors, we want to recommend you to go immediately to the doctor if you find a lump in your breasts because it is one of the most common signs. You can also detect a change in size or shape of your breast, peeling or crusting in your skin; you can even have redness or pitting of the skin over your breast. Furthermore, we want to help fighting against breast cancer by giving some advice to women so they can help prevent the risk of developing it. That’s why, you have to talk to your doctor about breast cancer screening exams, do self-exams on your breasts and remember that you can come to our clinic if you need any more information. In E&S Doctors, we care about your health and we fight against breast cancer.

Ana Eliche


August 13, 2020

On the occasion of the International Left Handers Day, taking place this August 13th, from E&S Doctors we want to state all the difficulties that lefthanders face in a mainly righthander society. Taking into consideration that one in 10 people in the world are lefthanded, we should know about the challenges that they face when using certain tools design for righthanders as scissors or spiral notebooks. That’s not all, throughout history some lefthanders have been discriminated against and harassed, like those children who were corrected so they would not use that hand to write.

Causes for being lefthanded are completely unknown, although there is some hypothesis that point to an asymmetrical developing of the brain, that is to say, the person has the right hemisphere of the brain more developed because of genetic inheritance. Nevertheless, this is not scientifically proven and it is also not proven that being lefthanded has any effect on health, beyond those daily disadvantages that they face in a world made for righthanders. So, if you are lefthanded or not, you can celebrate this day by vindicating the production of affordable tools for lefthanders so that you are asking for equal opportunities. Or you can throw a party with your lefthander friends… and righthanders too. The important thing is to not treat this as a disease because, in E&S Doctors, we know that it is not. Happy International Left Handers Day!

Ana Eliche

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