Lymphatic drainage

September 18, 2020 by esdoctors

Lymphatic drainage is a technique consisting in applying gentle massages in some parts of the body to improve the movement of the lymphatic system, which is part of the immunological system. This system is in charge of transporting waste and toxins from the bodily tissues, causing oedemas to appear if they are not eliminated correctly. The pressure that is applied with this type of massage helps dragging towards the circulatory system those retained fluids. Furthermore, the lymphatic system acts as an organism defence, helping neutralise damages.

Massages are applied during a lymphatic drainage must be gentle and painless. Moreover, it must be applied in the direction of lymphatic conduits and never last less than an hour to have full effect. Through this technique, you can obtain great benefits like the reactivation of lymphatic circulation, helping eliminate the excess of liquid in the organism. That is why, it improves the aspect of the skin, stimulates kidney function, makes blood circulation better and has a relaxing effect against stress and anxiety

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