Turner syndrome

August 28, 2020 by esdoctors

Turner syndrome, which affects only women, happens when the X chromosome is missing and causes problems like short height, failure of the ovaries to develop and heart defects. Fortunately, it can be diagnosed before the child is born or in early childhood. However, it requires constant medical care from a variety of specialists. Signs of this illness vary from woman to woman and it may not be apparent in some while, in other girls, has several physical features. At the beginning, these symptoms can be subtle and develop slowly, becoming significant, such as heart defects.

Before birth, it can be diagnosed thanks to a DNA screening or an ultrasound, which can show large fluid collection on the back of the neck, heart abnormalities or abnormal kidneys. At birth, the child can have a wide neck, high and narrow roof of the mouth, swelling in hands and feet, short height, cardiac defects or a receding, small lower jaw, among other conditions. Nevertheless, during the period that goes from childhood to adulthood, signs become more frequent and common. These are: short height, ovarian insufficiency, slowed growth, early endo of menstrual cycles and inability to conceive a child without a proper fertility treatment. That’s why, from E&S Doctors, we recommend women to get some tests to detect as soon as possible Turner syndrome and go see a specialist.

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