International Left Handers Day

August 13, 2020 by esdoctors

On the occasion of the International Left Handers Day, taking place this August 13th, from E&S Doctors we want to state all the difficulties that lefthanders face in a mainly righthander society. Taking into consideration that one in 10 people in the world are lefthanded, we should know about the challenges that they face when using certain tools design for righthanders as scissors or spiral notebooks. That’s not all, throughout history some lefthanders have been discriminated against and harassed, like those children who were corrected so they would not use that hand to write.

Causes for being lefthanded are completely unknown, although there is some hypothesis that point to an asymmetrical developing of the brain, that is to say, the person has the right hemisphere of the brain more developed because of genetic inheritance. Nevertheless, this is not scientifically proven and it is also not proven that being lefthanded has any effect on health, beyond those daily disadvantages that they face in a world made for righthanders. So, if you are lefthanded or not, you can celebrate this day by vindicating the production of affordable tools for lefthanders so that you are asking for equal opportunities. Or you can throw a party with your lefthander friends… and righthanders too. The important thing is to not treat this as a disease because, in E&S Doctors, we know that it is not. Happy International Left Handers Day!

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