Carol Gordo

Carol Gordo is an osteopath that has a bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from the European University and she got a master’s degree in Osteopathy in Escuela de Osteopatía (Madrid, Spain). While working as a professional osteopath, she’s trying to obtaining the maximum academic distinction in Osteopathy studies (D.O.) thanks to her thesis. Furthermore, she’s an expert in women’s physiotherapy like urogynecology, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and care for cancer patients. She also took some courses in neonatal and pediatric osteopathy, followed by physiotherapy ultrasound and Dry Needling courses. Our osteopath is trained to be a Pilates Mat teacher and a Hypopressive instructor.

Carol is an expert in some of the services we offer. She treats sport injuries (such as spraints, contusions or muscle stiffness) with manual therapy or dry needling for a fast recovery, it doesn’t matter what sport you practise. She is highly qualified to help you getting rid of back and neck pain and she is specialised in maternal and paediatric cares, from pregnancy to childbirth and postpartum. Furthermore, Carol is a professional in post-surgical rehabilitation, helping you improve your range of motion and flexibility, but also in respiratory and neurological rehabilitation. She can help you designing treatments to improve lung function and your well-being if you have a disease, injury or disorder in the nervous system.

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