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Seeking medical care can be daunting at the best of times, but in a new country in a new language it can feel impossible.

That’s why E&S Doctors is here, offering compassionate, expert medical care in English and Spanish. When your health needs attention it’s normal to feel a little vulnerable, so we can treat you in your home language for clarity and comfort.

Specialists in Dermatology

The health of your skin is often overlooked, and when you consider that it is the largest organ in your body this feels like a mistake! From minor ailments like dry, itchy skin to more concerning conditions like cancer and burns, the health of your skin is paramount. After all, it protects every other part of your body from the outside world, and is something the whole world can see when they look at you. Don’t neglect your skin: take care of it with the help of the experts.

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Meet Your Specialist

Dr. Alejandro Ortiz is a Spanish Specialist Dermatologist with special interest in General and Paediatric Dermatology, Dermoscopy and Skin Cancer Medicine. He graduated from The University of Granada (2012) with first class honours degree and went on to complete his training in Dermatology at Virgen del Rocio’s University Hospital (2017), referral centre for Andalusia, the most populated region of Spain. He has extensive experience in Dermatology and Skin Cancer diagnosis and treatment, as he has been working full time as a Dermatologist in different public and private Hospitals in Spain, managing Skin Cancer Clinics with multidisciplinary assessment and providing surgical treatment to these patients, including Mohs surgery.

Dr. Ortiz has broad experience and training in Dermatoscopy, having attended renowned courses at Clinic University Hospital in Barcelona and at The Oncologic Institute of Valencia. Additionally, he has actively participated in international skin cancer meetings, receiving first prize award for his presentations at the 2016 Meeting of the Spanish Dermato-oncology Group.

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Dr. Alejandro Ortiz-Prieto

Testing & Treatments

We cover all aspects of testing & treatments, including but not limited to:

Acne & Acne Scarring

Nail Fungus

Mole Removal


Hand Eczema

Skin Biopsy

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What our patients are saying…

Great experience today here at E&S Doctors. Very open mind doctor with a great description of the diagnosis of my daughter. Finally a doctor who’s doing the job properly. We recommend this place!!

Very nice and professional. Made me feel comfortable and explained everything so clear and the tests and scans immediately. 100% recommended.

Excellent service. Fully recommend. You can tell they know what they do. Online appointment it’s a brilliant tool.

The best care my daughter and family had in Ireland! Dr. Daiana was amazing, very patient and explained everything in detail, giving us some sort of relief, as my little daughter is having a skin condition that no other doctors we visited in Ireland could diagnose! Highly recommended!

Excellent service, doctors are very knowledgeable and give a complete review during the appointment which makes me feel so secured and worry free 100% recommended! Special recommendation to Dr Elaina Castañeda best gynecologist ever.

E/S always giving the best service. I got a remote appointment from my doctor Dayana, professional and easy to understand. I am happy to be cared by the team and by my doctor Dayana. Thanks a lot.

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