Dr. Alberto Romero

Dr. Alberto Romero is a family medicine specialist with experience in primary care and emergency. MIR internship in Spain during 4 years in Salamanca, with several rotas in different hospital departments, ambulance, ED, and Primary Care mainly.

Member of the following societies:

– SEMES: Spanish Society of Urgency and Emergency
– SEMG: Spanish Society of General Medicine
– SEMERGEN: Spanish Society of Primary Care Doctors
– SEMFYC: Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine
– AMF: Updates in Family Medicine
– SEECO: Spanish Society of Ultrasound
– EFSUMB: European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology AMF

Dr. Romero is experienced with POCUS training for the use of clinical ultrasound in primary care and emergency, doing several courses in Spain and using the POCUS in the surgery of Primary Care and ED., with SEMG, POCUS Certificate Academy and AMIR.

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